From one of Jim's students:

Jim’s videos are a very useful tool. If practiced they will improve your game. All things are relative, my game has gone from the 90 to 100 range down to the 70-80 range. Improvement beyond where I’m now at will take applying Jim’s teachings along with more practice on my part. These videos are the best. -- John Dennison, Huntsville AL

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What’s your excuse for not practicing? Hanni from Norway takes advantage of minus 10 degree weather to hone his magnificent golf swing. He is truly a stellar example of a student who is destined for greatness. Hanni finds the time to devote serious practice to his swing, when he’s not performing his trade as anContinue Reading

This from one of our golf students with a sense of humor! Golf Made Simple US Patent Issued In 1975 Golf Made Simple…not with this machine! According to the inventor, this giant training arch allows “the swing to be accommodated even in a sport having a swing as complex as that of golf wherein theContinue Reading

Who or what is to blame for the disconnect so prevalent today? What started the demise of a thought being transferred from one brain to another. How did the simple game of golf get so outrageously blown of out the realm of common sense that our lakes are full of rusty/broken golf clubs…thanks in wholeContinue Reading

A recent visit to the emergency room, at world famous Vanderbilt Hospital, taught me mega tons. I wasn’t there for me. I was there to be with our daughter in law who is expecting our grand baby. She and baby are just dandy, thanks for asking. As I sat for hours by the emergency roomContinue Reading

How many double eagles (albatrosses for those outside the U.S) have you seen with your very own eyes? Chances are none. Vegas odds makers put the chance, of the average golfer scoring a double eagle, at around 6 million to one. That’s 6,000,000 to just ONE. In the afternoon of April 7, 1935, the Squire,Continue Reading

If a tree is to withstand powerful winds it must have a strong trunk. This allows the branches to move in the wind and yet the tree stands firm and rooted. In order for the golfer to “withstand” a high speed golf swing , he too, must have a strong trunk (strong abdominal muscles .Continue Reading

Millions of Earthlings are better, than Tiger Woods, at many things. Fred Astaire could play far better golf than Tiger Woods can dance. Fred Astaire was better at the combination of golf and dancing ….than Tiger Woods. Fred Astiare had a beautiful golf swing. His tempo was superb…..thanks to the music playing in his head.Continue Reading

The golfer’s education, OR, what he thinks he knows about the golf swing, gets in the way of his knowing anything about the golf swing. Huh? By far, the biggest problem golfers have is that they know way too much about what is NOT important in the golf swing. Their EDUCATION is in the way.Continue Reading

Your grocery store fully understands that, if you like tomatoes, you will return to the produce dept. for more of the rosy red fruit (it’s not a vegetable) for the rest of your life. The Golf Destruction business relies on golfers to return time after time, __after time for more tomatoes better known as tipsContinue Reading

NOTHING can STOP…. The power of persistence Visit or Return to McGolf Home of the Perfect Golf SwingContinue Reading

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