way back in 2008, Tiger Woods was at the top of his game and had just won the U.S. Open. His total prize money that year was $5,750,000 plus millions upon millions in endorsements. In 2009 he became the first billion-dollar athlete.

What could possibly go wrong?

crystal_ball_miniatureAmidst all the hooplah, one sharp-eyed, soothsayer detected major problems. This obscure golf guru peered into his crystal ball & predicted the inevitable demise of Tiger’s game.

Before you read the 2008 prediction, consider this:

IF high tech, freeze framed, micro managed, multiple golf lessons have destroyed Tiger Wood’s golf swing, his game, his knees & his back. . . Just think what it can do for YOU!

7 years ago, Jim McLellan wrote the following article. Not everyone believed his predictions. Maybe Mr. Woods should have read it:

Me & Tiger Woods: Comparing Golf Swings

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What’s your excuse for not practicing? Hanni from Norway takes advantage of minus 10 degree weather to hone his magnificent golf swing. He is truly a stellar example of a student who is destined for greatness. Hanni finds the time to devote serious practice to his swing, when he’s not performing his trade as an accomplished airline pilot or helping his lovely wife raise their three beautiful children!…or doing dozens of other things, he does very well. He was concerned that he might not be proficient enough in English (he speaks several languages) to write his story correctly. I’ll give him an A+. What do you think? Here’s his story. It’s a winner!

Let me hereby make an attempt to help other golfers who are searching for their potential golf-swing, but still feel very confused. I have been on a wild and crazy emotional rollercoaster ride the last 10 years, subjected to countless DVDs/”golf-professionals” advice/books/magazines always contradicting each other, something I believe has been the case for very many others golfers held hostage by the golf industry.

I am 43 years, with a golf-handicap of 5, live in Norway (yes Europe-Scandinavia), an Airline Pilot that passionately loves the game people call golf.

Why would I stand outside this time a year with temperatures now below -10˚ C/10˚F wearing Sam Snead’s hat listening to waltz-time music on my iPod and swinging a golf-club?

I am actually stealing “Jim McLellan’s” golf-swing!

Inspired by the book “Dream on” written by J. Richardson, that referred me to the one and only amazing “Golf Maverick” Jim McLellan, I have found how and where to perfect my new perfect golf-swing! At home!

Having watched Jim McLellan’s amazing DVD countless times for almost 2 months, I have finally found applicable answers for questions that have haunted my mind with foolish swing-thoughts and restricted my body from swinging like it should!

I see now that finding ones perfect golf-swing is much more similar to how children learn their first language, than education yourself to become a brain surgeon. (Both my parents are doctors!)

I have written down the “code” I use for stealing “the absolute perfect swing” which I am sure also can be applied to many other challenges in life.

Right information

Set your golf GOAL and frequently remind yourself. Mine has been to become a scratch golfer!

PASSION is required and the more passionate one is, the easier it is to stay focused on the GOAL.

BELIEVE in yourself!

Get the RIGHT INFORMATION from Jim! He gives you all that is necessary, not too much, as that will only complicate things for you! You will figure out the rest yourself!

Jim says PRACTICE like crazy! So do it! Make it enjoyable with music. A driving range is not required! Winter, no problem look at me! It will require some physical effort, so your body/health will profit! Swing weighted clubs! Watch great golf-swings again and again, videotape yourself and compare.

Sam Snead’s stationary Hat and the iPod playing waltz-time music will eventually make your swing feel and look great – Rhythm, timing ++ will all come by itself as a result after lots of practice!

One more thing:

My secret for success in life has been learning to truly enjoy doing things that you know are good for your wellbeing in the long run. Like taking care of your body, educating oneself, helping others …

Thanks Jim, I am forever grateful!

Your student from far away,


Jim McLellan The Anti-Pro…Diet Guru
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