Hey Skinny

It was an embarrassing and humiliating event, but one that would radically change my life forever.
I was sitting with a group of jocks that had won letters in their individual sports. I was one of two who that lettered as a 10th grader. As I looked around the room, I was the skinniest kid in the group. My ribs were showing, they called me toothpick, the 97 pound weakling, a bag of bones. I wasn’t focused on the fact that I was receiving an award for being a golf star. Rather, I was sitting with my arms folded in front of me hoping that no one would notice how damn skinny I was!
The picture at the top right of the blog gives some indication as to my skinniness!
Right then and there I decided that I wanted to trade my frail body in for muscles. My goal was to transform my body to the point where no one would recognize me at the next class reunion.
Graduating from High school, I tipped the scales at 123# at 5 feet 11 inches. My arms measured 10 1/4 inches and was told by the “experts” that because of my small bones I would never have bigger than a 14″ arm. I refused to believe them and went to work. I joined a gym and began a serious regime of weight training. Some days I drank 6 quarts of milk. See next post.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    A side question, golf related: Does the length of club matter? I just buy the default size, I’m 6’1″. Should I get it fitted and have few more inches on shaft or that size is fine?

    I just buy the average sized and low price clubs, don’t spend too much on balls and bags either. Honestly, after seeing ur DVDs I’m hitting 200 yards straight with my hybrid and am a happy dog.

    PS: I is hardest thing to convince people simple things like yours work. We are programmed to follow complexity, don’t know why!

  2. The taller you are the longer your arms. The shorter you are the shorter your arms. So, golfers fingertips to the ground are about the same which is why clubs are somewhat standard.

    Try out several different brands before you buy…be in no hurry.

    You’re correct…some golfers refuse to accept simple as best,
    but it is!!

    Jim “The Maverick Golf Pro”

    • Jim,
      On the subject of the “right” golf clubs, what do you think about ” 1 iron golf” clubs where all the irons are the size of the 8 iron? They are supposed to increase consistancy by allowing you to use the same stance for every club as well as having the same weight, lie angle and shaft flex.

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