way back in 2008, Tiger Woods was at the top of his game and had just won the U.S. Open. His total prize money that year was $5,750,000 plus millions upon millions in endorsements. In 2009 he became the first billion-dollar athlete.

What could possibly go wrong?

crystal_ball_miniatureAmidst all the hooplah, one sharp-eyed, soothsayer detected major problems. This obscure golf guru peered into his crystal ball & predicted the inevitable demise of Tiger’s game.

Before you read the 2008 prediction, consider this:

IF high tech, freeze framed, micro managed, multiple golf lessons have destroyed Tiger Wood’s golf swing, his game, his knees & his back. . . Just think what it can do for YOU!

7 years ago, Jim McLellan wrote the following article. Not everyone believed his predictions. Maybe Mr. Woods should have read it:

Me & Tiger Woods: Comparing Golf Swings

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Hi Jim,

Please only use the initials in my name for the testimonial. And for fun, let me take a few minutes of your time because I know you will enjoy this!

I’m 63 in great shape, excellent hand-eye coordination, so no problems there. I took up golf over 10 years’ ago, but of course just part-time as who can seriously take this abuse for too long?7ccfcf0c1705bfe5ed85085b66c0f3ad

Now, please believe me that I have taken more lessons with more pros than I can remember. I have owned every book, CD, gadget and seen about 2,000 videos on YouTube regarding the golf swing, furthermore, I go to the driving range practically every day. Can you imagine the insanity! Yes, you can, of course, as you’ve seen “us” everywhere.

To further compound the problem, is that every other pro gives you completely conflicting instructions. It’s enough to make one crazy.

Up to 2-3 days’ ago, I was virtually sick of the whole thing. How is it possible that I could not figure out what was wrong with the help I had? My current “instructor” has the latest video equipment with all sorts of lines, numbers, colors, beeps and what not. We sit there analyzing my swing and it all “seems” to make sense—mostly because he says so, but my swing still was horrible.

I was stumped until I came across your video. As you can imagine, I thought, OK, here we go, one more to add to the collection. My wife has forbid me to buy more stuff because it’s a never ending exercise. In fact last week a day or so before finding your videos, I gave in and bought the Orange Whip for over $100, andas you can imagine, I’m not holding much hope for it as it’s safely tucked away in a corner after viewing your videos.

I have spent thousands, upon thousands of dollars in lessons and equipment for naught. It was so refreshing to view your videos, I can’t tell you. I stayed up till 3am watching them over and over, getting up from my chair to grab the club and simulate your swing. It all made such complete sense that I couldn’t wait till the morning to go to the driving range. Within 2-3 balls the magic started and hasn’t stopped. It’s magical, voodoo, who knows, who cares, but your program works like nothing out there, oh and by the way, you are funny as hell, you have the talent to be a standup comic as well.

So again, thank you, oh and my back doesn’t feel sore because I stood tall rather than crouching like a munchkin with the arms flying every which way trying to hit the ball…and as you say, I don’t “try” to hit the ball anymore.

Have a Merry Christmas Jim and family!

JD. Toronto,

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