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Over 85% of golfers have a slice problem and they DO NOT know how to fix it!.

Contrary to popular belief . . . The slice is NOT caused by the grip or the stance or an outside-in swing!

Thousands of golfers have come to me with a slice problem after EVERYTHING else failed them. I like to bet them the price of their golf lesson that I can fix their slice in less than five shots. I have never lost the bet.

Read Jim's article on how to fix your slice, FOR GOOD. . . FOR FREE!

To prove where the slice DOES NOT come from, I address the ball with the normal grip and stance and swing the club. At the top of my backswing I have a student yell out "hook" or "slice" and I hook or slice as per their command. Since it is too late to change the grip or stance or swing, these factors would have nothing to do with a slice . . . would they?

Jim McLellan's Golf Videos reveal the cause and cure of the slice once and for all. My students can fade, draw, slice,or hook the ball anytime they wish. Want proof? Read the bottom of the 2 points page. No need to put up with your slice any longer. The solution is simple, immediate, and permanent.

Understanding how to bend the ball to the left is a skill few golfers possess. Controlling the flight of the ball definitely increases the enjoyment of golf.

Good Luck,