Home of 'The Perfect Swing' featuring Jim McLellan
Best of the Planet Awards 1998

The better the swing, the better the shot! The better the swing, the more consistent The shot. The better the swing, the lower the score. The better the swing, the more fun our game becomes.

Compare Jim McLellan’s swing to your golf pros’. Notice the economy of motion, the simplicity, the power, the beauty. These concepts are exactly what Jim McLellan teaches.

Jim has studied the differences between poor and exceptional golfers for over 50 years. Do his concepts work? Take a minute and read feedback from his students. See if you can find your story in theirs.

Viewing Jim McLellan’s swing over and over and over will impart new circuitry to the motor-skill part of your brain. For the golfer interested in finding their best swing, buy the McLellan Golf Videos (VHS or DVD). Also, take a serious look at the McSwinger and the Swing Rite. There is no more economical method for finding your best golf.