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If you are new to golf and haven't read any golf books or watched any golf videos, or taken any golf lessons, CONGRATULATIONS . . . You have no bad habits! Starting a new adventure with a clean slate will make this wonderful game of golf a pleasure.

Teaching students how to play their best golf in the shortest period of time is our goal . . . Unfortunately, 99.9% of golf instruction is utter nonsense. If the information is incorrect the student becomes bored, frustrated, and confused. You learn how to swing a golf club the same way you learned to walk.

The best way to learn is to watch a perfect swing and have someone explain to you what is taking place. Jim McLellan, the instructor on this video, OWNS golf's perfect swing . . . and he has an uncanny ability to explain EXACTLY what you need to do. The information is presented in a style that is interesting, effective, and entertaining.

Expect to be swinging the golf club, better than you ever thought you could, in less than an hour. Each time you see the video, you learn something new. Our students have told us that people think they have been playing for years when they see their NEW swings.

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Order today and and see how much fun golf can be.