Tanzania Golf Tour!
Unsubstanciated rumors swirl around the golf back rooms that there is a romote possibility that Tanzania located on the East Coast of Africa have preliminary plans to dish up a series of golf tour events. These events will take place on several large stretches of the Indian Ocean coastline from southern Somalis to northern Mazambique, including the beautiful Comoros Islands. Sounds great to me.

They will, no doubt, be inviting the Anti-Pro to stir up some energy to passion__ize these events. In preparation to that possibility I fully intend to learn Swahili, the language of their country.
For you see, I do indeed respect the fact that some group will be raising copious amounts of money to provide an incredible chance to make some serious money. There will be pro-ams where wealthy golfers from the area will spend great amounts of money for the opportunity to join my foursome & I want to, respectfully, converse with them. There will be rules that apply to our game and I want to understand them without an interpreter. There will be sponsors who will clamor to have me endorse their products and I want to know what’s involved in signing their lucrative contracts. There will be other golfers I will share a round of golf with and I want to be able to speak their language if they don’t speak mine. When the TV camera roll, I want to speak the native tongue of the country out of respect for all that makes such a glorious event possible. If I’m lucky enough to win a large check and beautiful trophy, I want to say “Asante sana”___That’s Thank you very much in Swahili___so I don’t look like an idiot!

Jambo, Jina Langu ni The Anti pro___ means Hello, my name is the Anti-Pro. . . In Swahili.

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