Are We There Yet?

The old jalopy has new tires, a full tank of gold (gas), oil change, and is road worthy(for a 10 year old ‘bomb.’) Rover has a room at the dog hotel and the neighbors will be over to make sure your Persian cat gets fed, watered and loved. Kids have gone to the bathroom (twice)

You take a final look at your checklist. Plenty of toys for the kids, Viagra (the kids will be at the pool), Mom’s knitting basket (new grandbaby due in December), hand grippers for Dad (when he gets bored in a traffic jam), maps, Cialus (the kids will be at the movie), golf clubs, golf balls, new putter, mail stopped, night light on, Viagra (the kids are sound sleepers), Mom’s books, munchies (don’t forget the Captain Crunch) apples, carrots, and other healthy stuff, 12 pack of Snickers, Cialus (kids at the mall), coffee thermos, bottled water, first aid kit, sun screen, swimming gear, and a flashlight so you can see when changing a flat tire_ in a rainstorm_ on the interstate_ at 1:30 a.m.
You pull out of the drive and head down Main Street. From the back seat comes the familiar phrase “Are we there yet”? A quick thought that some people practice birth control rushes through your minds. “Where are we going”? Your wife and you look at each other. We’re going to California, you say. Wife says I though we were going to Disneyworld . . . that’s in Florida. Tommy wants to go to the beach and Sis had her eye on the hills of West Virginia . . . she plays the fiddle.

So, no plan as to where you are going? How about your golf game? Where are you going? You have the clubs and all the equipment for a round of golf, but you may have no idea what to do when you get there. What is your destination, break 100, 90, 80 or shoot par? Problem is, if you don’t know where you’re going you will never get there.

How much have you thought about it? Do you wish you could play better or do you actually have a plan to accomplish your particular goal? Have you written your goal down? Shooting a lower score just doesn’t magically happen. If you continue to do what you’ve been doing you will continue to shoot what you’ve been shooting. How badly do you really want to shoot lower, fix your slice, get more distance, be more consistent, and own one swing that will serve you well into your twilight years.??? Or are you like the family above who is all packed and has not the foggiest notion where they’re going?

Jim McLellan

The Anti-Pro The Maverick
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2 Responses to Are We There Yet?

  1. After having watched your swing, for what seems like a 1000 times on the old VHS tape and on your homepage I have finally discovered what I was doing that was causing me to “come over the top”. By finishing the backswing and having a barely perceptible pause at the top I have been able to program my hands, arms, and small brain to swing the clubhead and not my shoulders.

  2. When we watch an activity, the part of the brain that drives that activity “fires” as if we were actually doing that activity. The pop phrase “over the top” indicates to me that a golfer has been listening to information that they should avoid. I don’t THINK about WHAT body parts should perform such and such activity…I let my swing decide. That’s the long response.

    The short response__ that makes even more sense is__ 1)Copy, 2)Practice, 3) Don’t think!

    Thanks for writing..You’re right on target. Use your time practicing NOT looking for advice from the “golf industry”…it will kill ya.


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