Become A Super Putter

Full title: Everything you always wanted to know about becoming a Super Putter but were afraid to Ask.

You’ve heard the claims . . . Buy this or that product or instruction material and shave 5 strokes, 12 strokes, or 20 strokes from your score card. Send check or Money order to “Bob’s Secret to Fabulous Putting,” 175 Bull’s-eye Road, Pinball, Idaho 13131.

Get ready to get mad if you have invested money in learning how to putt and you still suck. For here my good buddy is a plan, for free, that will make a huge difference in your putting skill. You will discover that the problem isn’t the putter it’s the puttee.
First you need to fully understand the formula that will produce the putting magic you dream about. The technique is simple. The application requires a degree of dedicated practice. Here is the equation. 10% technique, 90% practice.

Most any grip will work, so pick one that seems comfortable. Pick a stance that seems well balanced for you. Place the ball in the stance that gives you the best results after a little experimentation. Feel like the action of the stroke is coming from the shoulders as per Volume II McLellan Golf DVDs. Keep the head very still, moving only the shoulders, arms and hands as one unit.
Find a putting green where you can putt for several hours. Use 3 or 4 new golf balls, and start with a 3 or 4 foot distance. Begin putting. If you don’t make the putt it is because your putts are too short, too long, to the right or to the left. Notice the trend!

Interesting, as you continue to putt you will automatically begin to correct these variables. Keep track of what’s going on, notice the trend, and write it down. Notice how after a few minutes you become a much better putter. At the end of an hour you will hardly resemble the putter you were when you started. Swing the putter straight back from the hole and straight to the hole using a silky smooth stroke . . . I like the feeling that the palm of my right hand swings the putter toward the hole.
Feel like you are putting a vintage roller skate wheel (on its edge). Stroke it so it doesn’t wobble or tip over!
Practice for 10 to 15 minute intervals and sit down and analyze what’s going on. Pick a day when you can spend 3 or 4 hours just practicing putting. You will be a totally different putter at the end of the day and you will definitely see a BIG difference when you tally up your score. Your new skill should help eliminate 3 putting.

Give God deserved credit for building an unbelievable awesome machine that has everything it takes for you to become an incredible golfer/putter. You need NOTHING else than the information found in this article and gobs of practice. Golfers think all they need is more information to play better golf as they sit in their Lazy Boy Recliners and read about IT. Reading about IT, won’t make you better. You must take these simple tips and apply them through hours and hours of intelligent/dedicated practice on the putting green. The time invested will put a smile on your face that will be hard to wipe off.

Jim McLellan
The Anti-Pro/The Maverick

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