Better than Tiger Woods!

Millions of Earthlings are better, than Tiger Woods, at many things. Fred Astaire could play far better golf than Tiger Woods can dance. Fred Astaire was better at the combination of golf and dancing ….than Tiger Woods. Fred Astiare had a beautiful golf swing. His tempo was superb…..thanks to the music playing in his head. His swing is reminisent of Walter Hagen’s.

Lets keep score. Tiger gets a 10 on his swing, Fred gets an 8…Yes, I would put his swing in the top 80% of ALL golfers. Tiger’s ahead by 2 points. Fred gets a 10 on dancing. Well, what should we give Tiger? Lets be nice and give him a 3 although it might more accurately be a O. Final score Fred 18, Tiger 13.

“What’s the point?” You ask the all knowing, all seeing Swamie of Golfland…AKA Anti-Pro? The point is there are a zillion things you can do better than both of them.

Be proud of yourself, pat yourself on the back, get out there & kick some butt. Do the great things you are totally capable of doing. Don’t forget to do what you and your fellow super heros do . . .

Take naps!

Jim McLellan
aka/The AntiPro

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  1. This comment came in today.

    Jim: Went to the blog and couldn’t see where to leave comments, so I’ll do it here and you can do with it what you will.

    Every year when the rains recede and the golf course again beckons here in the Northwest, I methodically unearth my copy of The Perfect Golf Swing and marvel once again at its magic.

    What makes this DVD so very special isn’t necessarily Jim’s banter (which is both entertaining and instructive) or his wardrobe (which is delightfully quirky) or even its production values (which are decidedly low tech).

    What makes this product so VERY SPECIAL is the chance to see and play over and over again Jim’s elegant tempo and swing. By itself it is one of the most powerful training tools available anywhere. It deconstructs all the babble of golf instruction and reduces it to one beautiful, moving picture which, when absorbed, transmits all any of us needs to know to begin on (or stay on) the path to satisfying golf.

    Thank you for everything you do, Jim.

    All best,

    Peter Schenck

  2. Hi Again Bob!

    I would think he would play a very
    respectable round of golf. He
    had great tempo playing in his head___thanks to music & that’s a big part of the golf swing.



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