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Hey AP, “. . .You’re so fine
Change my water into wine
Show me that you’re no fool
Walk across my swimming pool. . . “

Just when I started believing I was the Guru of Golf, the Sultan of Swat, The King of the Swing, The answer to the golfers prayer . . . comes some Breaking News. I’ve got more to learn. And learn indeed, I Did__from a student!

Let’s back ‘er up to 2004. Said student orders the McLellan Golf DVDs, falls head over heals in love and posts reviews all over the Net. He did it right. Giddy in Golfdom. Perfect! He built a solid and powerful and consistent and pretty golf swing, the envy of the guys and gals at the driving range! He had nailed the 3 key factors in the golf swing . . . everything else followed naturally and automatically, as it should.

He was in full agreement that the golf industry’s approach was nuts and didn’t work. Whoopee. He felt sorry for anyone who was having a problem with our game. All one needed to do, said he, was to follow the sage advice of one world renowned golf instructor extraordinaire aka Jim McLellan . . . like he did, by Golly. Was he lucky or what? He broke the code, kept it simple, followed no other advice and had video taped his swing and made the necessary corrections. Here’s a guy who embraced the 3 key Jewels of Wisdom. Too bad for the rest, said he.

Not exactly. Fast forward to 2008. He writes to say that he is having problems. Problems? Whoops, what’s wrong? Did I omit something? Did I say something that I shouldn’t? Is there a better way to learn how to find one’s best golf? Is this a wake-up call for me? Am I no better than the other pros I cut down, (at every opportunity)? Pa-Leeze, Dear God, I beg you . . . don’t send me down below to spend an eternity with “them.”

I open my email bag and find a request from the “star” student. “Hey Jim, I need your help, can I send you a video of my swing?”

My wife, who doesn’t play golf, walks by my monitor as I play the video for the first time. “Whoops!” she mutters as she continues her stroll.

Expecting to see the 3 key factors in place, I start to faint and reach for the smelling salts. Factor 1, his back swing position stops way before it should. Not nearly high enough or back far enough and the left arm bends. Oh Dear! One down and 2 to go. Factor 2, Follow-through mirrors his back swing, has no purpose, is sloppy and is not in the correct position. Lets see, that’s 2 down and one to go. Factor 3 Head not still & bobs around like a cork on a river. What’s the score? Zero for 3. Can’t get worse than that! Oh Yeah? I also suggest that it is of utmost importance that students video tape themselves and correct any problems. Never did!

So this student had no idea what was going on and was practicing bad habits. Can it get any worse than this, you ask? Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, here comes another swing eating shark. Mr. “G-Whiz I’m doing everything like you told me” was reading books, watching videos, and following advice from everyplace under ol Sol. Zero for 5. Merdre!Confusion and frustration set in. Paralysis through analysis. Head spinning out of control. Seriously considering quitting the game for good. All because the instructions were NOT followed. Yet, it is so simple.

My most difficult job is to convince golfers how simple our game really is & to Follow the Owners Manual to the letter..(it’s only one page). Practice! Get good! Enjoy!

Don’t follow the Owners Manual___ buy clubs that float.

The good news is, this student, a fine gentleman, is going back to square one and doing it right this time. I expect great results.

Love is lovelier the second time around. I’ll let you know. Count on it!

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro/The Maverick

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9 Responses to Breaking News

  1. I thought I was doing all 3 things, still slicing driver and hooking irons, maybe it’s my grip, or my swing plane is wrong.

    Still shot a 52 in 9 hole course, Ontario longest 9 hole, parkshore.

    Read this post, check back swing. NOT all the way up!! Ok lets make it all the way up, shot 100 balls, one or two slice. Oh and stance as NOT parallel to the target but WAY left for driver. No wonder it sliced……

    Hit few over 250, without much force, ending up pretty. Trying to keep head still.

    This all analysis WITHOUT making my video yet….

    Oh and irons, straight as an arrow. All the way up and HIGH it goes. My hybrid is giving me good straight distance.

    Excited to go to golf course now….And…still has to make a video…

  2. Imran! Video taping ones golf swing is extremely important for anyone seriously interested in finding their best golf. My goal is to help close the gap between what the student thinks is going on in his swing and what is ACTUALLY going on….Video taping is mandatory, and helps us both discover or uncover the truth!


  3. Jim, I thought you were writing this post about me. I picked up your videos a number of years ago when I was getting back to golf after a layoff. Things were working well, and then a friend talked me into going to golf school with him. My game got worse – then more tips, instruction, 8 step this and slow down that – soon I was having real trouble breaking 90 and my shots were weak.

    I was saved by my 12 year old son who wanted to take up the game. I wanted to teach him, but I wasn’t a good example. So I remembered your tapes (but somehow in my moves over the years I lost them). So I bought the DVDs.

    Together we started a 3 week process of watching and then swinging the heavy club each day.

    Finally, I went out golfing with my golf school friend – shot an 83 (should have been lower, but I have’nt watched disk two yet and I got caught in the sand a few times).

    Anyway I took his money for the 1st time in a very long time. I found if I stop thinking of all the tips and do 3 things – I have a chance.

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

    PS – my son is coming along nicely.

  4. Irideducs! You are very welcome! The pleasure I get when I receive a comment such as yours is hard to describe. You listened, you followed the Owners Manual, you practiced, you stayed away from all other advice, you succeeded. You broke the code.

    Very best wishes to you and your Son. Come back again soon & leave comments on your progress.


  5. I think it’s about time I tell everyone that I am the one who inspired this post. I spent years thinking that I was doing what Jim suggests and the all the while neglecting to video tape my swing. About a month ago when I asked Jim to look at my swing he was under the impression that I was sending him my swing so he could iron things out. After taping my swing, to my disgust and Jim’s shock, my swing needed more than a little tweaking. It needed a major overhaul.

    In the last month, I have been sending videos of my swing to Jim and have spent about 2 hours per day working on what he suggests.

    I played three rounds of golf this past weekend and I hit the ball better than I ever have from putter to driver. I hit several drives 270 yards and hit my irons better than ever. I trusted my swing and feel that the last month of working with Jim through video lessons has been the determining factor in my improved ball striking. I look forward to getting my swing from a 6 to a 9 or 10!


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