Can You Count to Three?

It was a picture perfect fall day, ideal for trying out my new driver at the local driving range. There must have been 30+ golfers who couldn’t resist the temptation to get outside and enjoy this glorious autumn day.

On our trip home my wife had some comments that seemed casual at first but became more profound as the conversation unfolded.

My wife doesn’t play golf and has little interest in learning. She’s the “smart one!”
It appeared to her that with dozens of good swings to copy on TV every weekend, any golfer should know what a decent golf swing looks like. “Seems simple, to me __watch and copy.”

The ride home is about 25 minutes. I asked her to elaborate on her statement. She said, “For one thing, no one has a decent backswing.” “How can they have any chance of hitting the ball very far, if they have short backswings, and two, they either lift their heads and top the ball or drop their heads and hit the mat.” …”and three,” she continued “they have no follow through…they stop their swing before it looks like they should.” “Further,” she added, “the poor things are kidding themselves, they’ll never get any better practicing the wrong stuff.” hummmm.

I asked her what she would say to those golfers if she had a chance. “I would have them copy your backswing (That’s One), after they got that I would have them copy your follow-through (That’s Two)…after they got that I would tell them their heads are moving and yours isn’t (That’s Three). ONE, TWO, THREE..done.

Go to a driving range and see for yourself. How many golfers can count to three? Can You?

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  1. Jim, I got your DVDs perfect swing, practiced it. I wanted to go to driving range before playing a round but had to play one first. Worst round ever. I was making long puts!!! Frustrated, went to driving range, back to these three steps and bam, hitting longer than ever, 190 yard with my 5 iron, 150 with 7, 130 ith 9, 100 with sand wedge. BUT…every time straight and accurate.

    Even my super slicing driver works now. Still slices but not a boomrang.

    One thing I’m still struggling. I’m trying to put too much power on, but I don’t need to. If backswing is above my hand, all I gotta do is let the swing do the work with no force and surprised at the results.

    I hope I’ll overcome this stupid hurdle.

    I hate when ur testimonials say “When I had a problem I knew how to fix it” Now I know what it means. When there’s a problem it’s always not extending my hand above my head on back swing. Once I do that straight and long it goes….

    Ppl say u gotta use different swing for driver and irons, well, one swing works for me, for both. That is YOUR swing. Irons don’t slice at all, driver does. 5 wood doesn’t.

    How high you tee up? You seems to be hitting drives right off the ground.

    Anyways, THANK you. I stole your swing, sue me. Now fix my driver slice and I’m playing that round again.

    Imran Aziz
    Toronto, Ontario
    Age 30

  2. Imran!

    It’s so simple golfers won’t believe it. Once they do, they kick themselves for wasting so much time. The all mightly golf industry wants to keep golfers coming back to spend more money.
    How do they do this?….they keep
    golfers confused.

    If golfers can count to three, as per this article…99% of their problems would vanish.

    Read the article, “Fix Your Slice” __on this blog__it works like magaic. Remember the
    longer the club the more roll you

    Great cat!

    Write anytime,

    Jim “The Anti-Pro”

  3. Wow! You replied 🙂 I was grateful enough already.

    Btw I practiced whole 2006. Had too many lessons / advices hence too many bad habits……Result, if 1 is there, hands high above the head, 2,3 takes care of themselves.

    I’m thinking of buying McThunder.

    Anyways, until my woods work, here’s my golf strategy: Layup with irons. 180-190 with 5 iron means 300 yards holes in 5 iron than 9 iron? Pretty impressive for this former “snowman”.

    You mean “Slice surgery” article? I’m watching your video where you can make a slice or hook at top of your swing. WOW

  4. It takes a team. I can’t teach passion….but when it’s there, it’s magical.

    McThunder is awesome. Everthing the name implies.

    Jim McLellan
    The “Anti-Pro”

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