Can You Paint?

Can you paint? Can you draw? If your answer is No, “How do you know you can’t…Have you ever tried?” We have never heard of some of the greatest artists who ever lived because___they never tried!

Several years ago I decided I would try to do something I had always wanted to do…Paint! and I’m not referring to painting the bathroom Pepto-Dismal Pink, either. I called an art supply store and signed up for art classes. After a few sessions with a delightful lady, Kit Barsick..I could paint. I had the“talent” all this time.

You, also have the talent and it is something you will enjoy immensely. I painted the picture you are looking at. It is my wife’s parents home in Gunnison, Colorado. Most of being an artist is what you see. The pencil and brush have no brains.

The golf club has no brains. “Talent” comes from seeing what has to be done & “Doing It”! The brain tells the hands what to do. What exactly does the golf swing look like? OK, you swing back to there and then over to there. SimpleHand me the club, I can do that!

Jim McLellan

The AntiPro aka/The Mavrick

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