Doncha.. Think that a citizen of the USA should know that China has a current account balance of PLUS + $363,300,000,000 & the USA has a current account balance of MINUS -$ 747,100,000,000?

Doncha.. Think “WE” should know that China is financing our war in Iraq?

Doncha.. Think that more folks should see the correlation between the trend of the USA and the fall of Rome?

Doncha.. Think that a certified PGA golf professional would know the first thing about teaching golf?

Doncha.. Think that seeing all the lard butts at Wal-Mart might be an indication of the shape our country’s in?

Doncha.. Think we could come up with at least one presidential candidate who isn’t a bottom feeder?

Doncha.. Think that before Joe gets that I Love Betty tattoo he should check out the rumor that Betty is “cozy” with the UPS man?

Doncha.. Think golfers should understand that if they can walk and drive a stick shift that they can certainly play better golf?

Doncha..Think that one should pack their own parachute?

Doncha.. Think that Roy and Dale should live forever?

Doncha..Think that a dog with fresh water doesn’t need to drink out of the toilet?

Doncha.. Think that “WE” should THINK?

Jim McLellan

The… duh…”Anti-Pro”

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