Easy Come, Easy Go

Perhaps you have experienced the thrill of finding a tip that works for you right off the bat. Overjoyed that you found the secret, the Holy Grail, the trick, to catapult your golf into something that really, really works, you rush to the range and try it out.
To your amazement___ it does. So excited you don’t tell your golfing buddies….for fear that they will improve right along with you. No thanks, It’s just too much fun taking their money.

To your horror, the very next time out your new swing falls apart. You miss the brass ring, can’t catch the greased pig & the diamond has turned into a cheap piece of glass. You are desperate to pull the rabbit back out of the hat….BUT___alas your fleeting secret has vanished into thin air.

The TRUE TEST of a solid golf swing is how does it work round after round, time after time, year after year. Does your swing require only an occasional adjustment? A minor tune up? Just change the oil, Mr. Goodwrench….everything else is fine. No need for a complete overhaul.

Will you ever find your BEST swing? Will you ever have a swing you can fix by yourself?
Ask 10 golf instructors how to fix a slice, & you get 10 opinions. More yardage?__10 opinions. Topping? 10 opinions. Do you read golf magazines month after month ….they never agree on anything…do they?

There is only ONE best way to find your very own perfect golf swing! The Good News is THAT ONE BEST WAY__ works for everyone. Just like walking. The TRUE TEST for reliable golf instruction is how do the principles hold up year after year after year! We have students who have used our McLellan Golf Instruction for 50 years now. They write to tell us…” It still Works.” Some have strayed off the path thinking there is mysteriously MORE TO IT. “Can’t be that simple,” they think. Ultimately, they always come back to our principles, & are furious that they strayed and wasted valuable time getting side-tracked with pure nonsense in the first place.

Our students are proud of their swings! Words they use to describe their golf swings are____ solid, crisp, consistent, pretty, powerful, self fixable, & a joy to own…. time after time after time. Have you waited long enough?


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  1. OK…let me get this straight.
    To get rid of my slice I should bite my tongue AND turn the head of my club counter-clockwise 1/4 turn???

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