Enough Already

I thought about calling this post “The 1% Club.” What the heck is the 1% Club? The 1% Club is an exclusive *brotherhood* of those that rise to the top of any particular endeavor. Those that appear gifted, blessed, or other wise lucky to be so damn good at *IT*.

The rest… the 99%ers… flap around on the beach like a wounded Flipper! Those in the 99% club watch the 1%ers and marvel at their unearthlike performances.

In truth, the 1% club members have simply broken the code. They would be the first to share with you the *secret* is____ simplicity.

Do you know where your golf swing comes from? Give up? At the back of your skull lives the part of this mechanism that gives you your golf swing. It sits patiently waiting for you to give it something to do. If you insist on pouring junk in….it will regurtate junk out. The difference between the *gifted* and the hacker is what they feed their motor skill center!

If the 1%ers have distilled their golf swing down into 3 key factors____why would anyone insist on making it more difficult than that? Do they really love the 99% club that much?

Interested in being rich or poor, healthy or sick…good looking or butt ugly? Interested in finding your best swing with the least or most information?

The code breakers have the 3 key factors in their golf swings which is exactly why their swings produce stellar results. Their golf game is radically different than the 99ers who have fallen for the “more is better” approach courtesy of the all mighty golf industry.!..

You won’t find the 1% club in the yellow pages. Only 1% cut the mustard in Golf, or investing, or body building, or jet piloting, or Navy Seal__ing.

*Here kitty kitty, jump out of the bag…you are free at last.* See below!

Those ONE percenters rely on good old fashioned common sense. They fully understand that their membership in the 1% club will be revoked if they dump ANY useless crap on their cerebellum. So simple is *IT* that *IT* will go right over the heads of 99 out of 100 of all golfers. That explains why the 99% club has so many members, doesn’t it?

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