Fairy Tales

There are thoz who love to believe that an overgrown mouse can talk if Walt sez so. But, they don’t want to hear that we are borrowing a Billion dollars a day to support our war habit.
Truth and common sense have gone out of style. Ralph Nader told the truth, ran for the presidency, and received 3% of the vote. One of today’s contenders promises health care for all although our country is flat broke. Seems like America is buying it…”IT” is leading in the polls. The ONLY candidate who is telling the truth is so far down in the ratings the press never mentions him.
Tell the golfer that most of the money he has squandered on golf lessons is gone forever & has been traded for rotten unbreakable habits. He/she doesn’t want to hear “it.” Tell the golfer that more golf instruction from the same sources will produce the same lousy results. He/she WON’T hear “it.”
The child doesn’t want to hear about the war in Iraq or other horror stories before they go night-night…They want to hear Fairy Tales. Helps them sleep better. Sweet dreams, America!

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