Fake Dog Crap

In my concern and frustration over the apparent total disregard for the truth about how the golf swing really really works, I must share this with you!

There was a time when we sold our McLellan Golf DVDs on EBay like hotcakes. During certain periods we sold several everyday to golfers world-wide. Our record is impeccable, having done business with EBay since 1997, rave reviews from customers who gave us 100% positive feedback. Amazon backed us up with ALL 5 Star reviews, 100s of golfers wrote will glowing praise on how we were the only instruction that made a positive contribution to their golf game.

But, there is a BIG difference between 1997 and 2008. Every lame-brained, garden variety, golf prophylactic are hawking their wares on the infinite Internet these days. Any golfer “stung” by these thugs has come to believe that nothing works. They wouldn’t accept free tickets to heaven. Perhaps you have looked at some of their stuff & fallen for their pitch because they were members of the pga (I meant to write that small) or you saw them on the goof channel, or they were featured on the front cover of Mad Magazine with their freshly whitened teeth and tan in a bottle. The pretty boys sure look the part, don’t they? But can they teach? No. Make that Hell No! But, they are experts at convincing you that to be good at golf takes a LOT of time and a LOT of money. No kidding, well then . . . toss me an average 7 year old and I will have him or her swinging better than 99% of golfers who have been playing since talking pictures……in about 12 1/2 minutes. How, because I’m gifted?… that’s part of it. But mainly because the golf swing is as easy as pie, and I seem to be the last living golf pro who knows it.

So, who’s nuts here? Where’s the sanity? Where’s the common sense? Were are the results? I won’t say my students know because I’ll look like the rest of the thieves. Oh, what the hell….Yes I will say it. “My students and I make a fantastic combo…better than a triple cheesebe, fries, and a Biggie drink!”

Before I forget, in my frustration I just checked EBay to see if there was more interest in our golf instruction or Fake Dog Crap. You guessed it! About as low as it gets, doncha think?

Jim McLellan
The Anti-Pro/The Maverick
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3 Responses to Fake Dog Crap

  1. i feel your pain Mr. McLellan, but don’t give up. Ppl are shoved with all shiny pros all the time, and they don’t even have a chance.

    However, there are some instructors who actually recommend buying your video, practice a while then come back.

    I got McSwinger and I can feel it helping me.

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