Fake Mona Lisa

Can you spot a fake Mona Lisa? There are 1,000s of artists who can duplicate “Old Sour Puss” and only an art expert could tell the diff.

When Rich Little does an impression of John Wayne or George Burns can you tell the difference? It takes a sophisticated voice analysis machine to tell the difference.

Kids are great mimics. They look, they copy, they do. Did you know that birds learn to sing from copying the songs of Dad and Mom bird? They are not born with the ability to sing on their own. Did you find walking to school confusing? Remember when the instructors tried to explain how the arms move in contrary motion to the legs and how the knees bent and the muscles flexed to keep you from “kissing’ the sidewalk?

Golf caddies had, strangely enough, what was referred to as “caddy swings” “Looping” for a various club members, they picked up the “essence” of the golf swing through repeated exposure and osmosis. Many of the great golfers of yesteryear began their love of golf and discovery of their own golf swings as caddies. Caddy Swings can be the most natural, graceful, pretty and effective swings known to man. When a reporter first saw Bobby Jones swing a club from afar, he mistook Bobby’s swing for Stewart Maiden…an instructor in Atlanta where Mr. Jones first played golf. Young Bobby Jones was a great Mimic. It came as no surprise that watching Stewart naturally built Bobby’s swing to the point where the two swings were nearly identical!

Today’s golfers should seriously consider the fact that they can have a mighty fine swing by simply watching a good swing over and over and over, letting it hard-wire directly into the brain and eschewing the analysis and technical approach. Taking a Golf Swing apart is totally unnecessary (& harmful) in acquiring a good swing.

The All Mighty Golf Industry Machine works hard to convince golfers that buying a golf swing is expensive & takes a considerable amount of time. Acquiring a fine golf swing by copying is a well guarded secret. Selling simple, simply wouldn’t make the greedy predators enough money.

Jim McLellan

“The Maverick”

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