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  1. 🙂

    It finally stopped raining and I tried McThunder!!

    Straight!! every ball….Some slices but not boomerangs I used to have. nd those were because of teeing too behind. No Duffs or skyballs!!

    It is amazing how straight it goes. I think my distance is around 200 yards, but I never been a long hitter and I can keep the consistent straight drive!!

  2. Imran! You’re doing just great. Soon you’ll be knocking at the door of the 300 Yard mark. All it takes is doing more and more of what you’ve been doing…Practicing a LOT!…& avoiding ALL other advice! We’ve
    recieved reports of 310 yard drives with the McThunder! If they can do it….so can you!

    Keep up the good work and write anytime.


  3. Played first round with McThunder. Best round of golf ever! In a 216 yard hole landed it straight on green…

    After few holes, all of sudden I started slicing again. Adjusted it and on 17th hit a good 260 yarder without any effort, but wondering if I could fix slicing for good? Irons are straight as an error, thanks to McSwinger, and I am practicing slice on the range.

    Lets see!

  4. Jim!!

    Been seeing vast improvement with general ball striking, particularly in the sweet spot! Funny, I’m swinging EASIER yet it goes farther and yes, straighter. I can adjust a mis-hit on the very next shot. Folks, practice without a ball, please! Jim is right cause I tried everything else and it don’t work.


  5. Jim!

    Great results thus far… long, straight and hitting the sweet spot. I can self-correct with any mis-hap I may have during a round… within a shot or two. Also, my favorite swing thought now is to feel “stretchy”, when I do everything is wonderful and fun! Thanks so much!


  6. Mark! Fun for me too, to see you get better with every comment! It takes a team…I’ve done my part with the DVDs and you are doing your part by following the instruction to the letter. That’s all there is “to it”. No reason why you can’t shoot par someday soon! Very, very possible!

  7. Inman! You are the perfect example of what should be the goal of every golf instructor…..And that is to teach in such a way that the student learns to self correct right out there on the golf course! Instead “their” students have no clue what they are doing wrong and how to “fix the problem”…without going back to the “pro” to spend more money. They never develop independence from “their pro” once and for all.

    Imran…you are right in the middle of the bulls-eye. Keep doing what your doing and you will continue to get better and better!

    Fix the slice by feeling like you are “rolling” (& my students know what that means) WAY TOO MUCH!!

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