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Well boys and girls gas is now $3.67. A few short weeks ago I wrote that gas was $3.28, folks gasped. A year ago, Mr. & Mrs. America were convinced that gas at $2 per was a temporary spike. Predictors are afraid to predict where it may skyrocket. What’s your best guess? $12 a gallon? Laughing? Bookmark this article for future “laughter.”

No one wants to hang out with a crank so lets “roll with the punches” I absolutely refuse to let Brash A-Rabs run my life. Placing our bets on the great ingenuity of America, there must be a Henry Ford or a Clem Kadiddlehopper working thru the night to make a car that can run on compressed air, tin cans, or cow crap.

So we drive less? Problem is there are millions of people in foreign countries who are now driving more. How much we drive may have no effect on the price of Ethel or Mildred. Grim news. So we do what we can do. We do our part and drive only when it is absolutely necessary.

Enough already. Lets look at two options, scratch our bald heads and see what makes sense.

Sample A: Hop in your car, stop for gas, yikes…drive to the range, find a place to park, buy a bucket, or two, of balls, get frustrated, drive back home, re-introduce yourself to your wife and family, feel guilty for missing an opportunity to have lunch with your loved ones. Total cost? Wet the end of your # 2 yellow pencil, find a scratch pad and do the arithmetic.

Sample B: The Best Things in Life are Free. If you have been following the sage advice of previous posts, you know the best place to acquire an awesome swing is right in your very own back yard. In the same amount of time you waste just driving to the range, you can be honing your super swing and never leave HOME. No money for gas, no money for balls…& you have a delightful lunch with your home companions.

Why fight it? For the bright golfer, there is NO Sample A. As an added bonus you can tell those who have us “over a barrel” just exactly where to stick their “push water!”
Jim McLellan
The AntiPro/The Maverick

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