Golf Exam . . . Pass or Flunk?

Ready for a golf quiz, a test, an exam(ination) with only 3 questions? How do YOU measure up with others who share your passion for OUR game? Now, for the good news… Get them all correct & you get an A+, on the dean’s list, valedictorian of your class, and a new “hello officer” shiny red corvette from your proud parents.

Just 3? What’s the catch? Not only is there NO catch but I have already given you the correct answers! How can it be easier than this? Well, it is…I’m going to allow you to grade your very own test paper!

All 3 correct answers dish out 100% and you pass with flying colors. Miss 1 and you get 66.666% and you flunk, fail, F! Miss 2 and your score is
33.333 % seriously failing with serious consequences. Miss 3 and your score is Zero, the same score as some of our politicians.
No need to be nervous. You have had weeks, months, and perhaps years to prepare for the big day. If you are NOT totally ready, you are welcome to go back and study the information for as long as you like. You may also bring the answers with you to class, just in case you get rattled and forget.

What can go wrong at this point? How many golfers can pass this test, some wonder. Later in this piece I will share with you how you compare with other “students” in your class.

Question 1: Is your back swing at least parallel, is your left arm reasonably straight, do you have a nice relaxed hip and shoulder turn as they follow the hands to the top of the back swing,
is your swing higher than your head, is your back swing nice and slow___lazy with little effort?

Question 2: Has your head remained still to the top of the back swing?

Question 3: If your finish full and complete, club beyond parallel, hands high, are you looking over your right elbow, is your right foot straight up and down (on your toes), with only enough weight on it to support your balance?

To score yourself simply video tape your swing. You may be surprised that what you THOUGHT you were doing and what you are actually doing can be shocking.

So, how did you do? Fewer than 1% of all golfers get all 3 right & score an A.
Almost no one gets 2 correct and the vast majority 95%+++ get not 1 of the 3 correct. That’s a ZERO.

Very simple…get 3 right and break 80, take your playing partners money, spend no more money on golf lessons, break no more clubs, you are nice to your wife and kids when you return home & you live happily forever after. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Jim McLellan
The Anti-Pro/Maverick

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10 Responses to Golf Exam . . . Pass or Flunk?

  1. Hi there, I bought your dvd 3 weeks ago and I’m well on my way to better, easier golf and lower score.
    I was recently on holiday at a well know holiday park here in the uk, they have lots of sporting activities on offer including a golf driving range.
    I was there one afternoon and this chap turned up in his holiday gear, baggy shorts and T shirt, he was followed in by a guy in smart ping trousers and a bright lambswool sweater! you got it THE PRO! As I’ve been reading your blog I thought I would pay attention to what goes on in this lesson.
    To be honest I didn’t expect much, but what I saw was amazing!
    This guy (baggy shorts) was asked to hit some balls so THE PRO could assess his swing.
    Baggy shorts had a reasonable swing, a little short and quick, but not too bad, he hit half a dozen balls, some on target, some with a little slice, some with a little hook.
    Having only had your dvd for 3 weeks I could have had mr baggy shorts hitting the ball much better in 5 minutes.

    However THE PRO steps up and gave his words of wisdom, he said the most important part of golf is the half swing! he asked baggy shorts to swing the club half way back so the club was level with the ground and then forward untill level on the follow through! (sort of 9 o’clock through to 3 o’clock)
    he wanted baggy shorts to hit balls with this ‘half swing’!

    What happend? Mr baggy shorts missed the ball completly with his first two attemps, he hit the third one off the toe 15feet to the right!

    AMAZING!! THE PRO had distroyed this guys swing in less than 5 minutes. At this point I had to leave, I couln’t take much more of the horse sh…

  2. dab! This sort of hi-way robbery is far more common than golfers think. I’m sure there are some readers who are tired of hearing it from me. Thank You for taking the time to write and share with us.



  3. I find your blog really informative and fun to read, but I wish that you didn’t write as if you assumed all your readers were men. Constant references to things like being “nice to the wife and kids when you return home” are a bit off-putting to female readers.

    By the way, it would be nice if you made a women’s weight McSwinger. I’d buy one!

  4. Welcome Lady Golfer! My comment was meant to be a compliment to the wives and children & include them in a golf article…usually lacking in most I’ve read. I thought it would be ON-putting. LOL

    You sound like you might be from the United Kingdom. Our orders from the UK have exploded, thanks in large part to John Richardson’s
    remarkable achievements and word of

    Tommy Armour, famous golf instructor, said he preferred female students because they listened better than men. “The Silver Scot” was getting $50 a lesson in the 1930s!

    My GRAND Father was from Glasgow. I’m proud to be Scottish & I sure miss him.

    I need a favor from you! What would you like for me to write about__ from the female golfers perspective?

    PS. We’ve sold tons of McSwingers to our Lady students and they love them. The McSwinger works great for both genders.

    I’ll be looking for an email from you.



  5. No, I’m not from the U.K., I’m from plain old New York, but I didn’t mean by my post that you should write different things aimed at women. I meant that you direct many of your posts to men specifically, when really you should be addressing everyone. Women may be better listeners than men in golf lessons, but the constant need to gather as much “information” about the golf swing as possible, to take too many useless lessons and to overcomplicate things by too much attention to “mechanics” are problems that we face as well. I’m a living example!

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  6. I’m a BIG fan of the No Horse S..t ‘”tude” of the New Yorker. Very honest people and some of the best friends a person could have.

    Your points are right in the middle of the bulls-eye.

    Write again when you have time!



  7. Jim,

    Wanted to send you a testimonial. I am a 15 handicap golfer and used to have a short swing (not the full swing that you suggest). After seeing your videos and practicing your approach I played 18 holes at a local course. Shot a 78 (par 70 course) and I was suprised with the consistency of my irons they sounded SWEET and I even got my short irons to spin back on the greens. Though some of my drives sliced a bit I know I need to practice more on the range to groove the tips you suggest in the video.

    Interestingly enough I did notice some elderly golfers who were wearing hats similar to what you have in your videos and it appears they were copying your swing as well. This points out how popular your DVDs are and on a funnier note, how seriously these golfers are taking your word – including the hat :-).


  8. About a McSwinger for Ladies… Choking down on the grip works well to lighten the feel. You could then work your way down to the end as you get stronger.

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