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Bad news for the golfer!
It is a scientific fact that__ It is IMPOSSIBLE for the student to manipulate the golf swing once he has left the backswing position, until just before the finish. Why? Because ….from the top of the back swing to the ball takes only 1/4 of a second…Too fast for the golfer to make any necessary changes. Yet, nearly all of today’s instruction ignores this all important fact.

66% of the golf swing is out of the golfer’s control. Because the golf swing is so fast, the golfer is not aware that he has actually hit the ball until it’s 45 YARDS (1/2 a football field) “Gone.” How can the golfer make corrections in his swing when his reaction time is not fast enough to make any difference?
Why does the golf industry focus on instruction that is impossible for the student to do? Do they not understand the body’s reaction time or are they chasing the money?
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