Golf Horror Story?

It’s your turn! Yes, YOU!!!

Have you had a traumatic experience at the hands of an inept golf pro? Treated like dirt at a golf course resort? Been Ripped-OFF by anyone in the golf industry? Well, say so. You have a voice, via The Anti-Pro, and our readership is world wide. Put it out there.

We can make a difference and it all starts with… YOUR Horror Story…Your OPINION!

Ready when you are. How about ….


Jim McLellan

The Anti-Pro/The Maverick

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One Response to Golf Horror Story?

  1. I went to Golfsmith for a lesson a few years back. The instructor attached several contraptions to me and then asked me to swing without setting off a buzzer, indicating I was swinging wrong. Then gave me several things to work on at home for each part of the swing. Money down the drain

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