Golf: How to Hit the Long Drive

Dateline, 1957, Englewood, Colorado.

Here is a view looking West at, our family owned, Mountain View Golf Club.

On a clear day you can see snow capped Mt. Evans and several other 14,000+ peaks. A drive to the foothills, entrance to the Purple Mountain Majesties, takes only 20 minutes.

To separate the driving range from our par 3 golf course my Dad ingeniously built a chicken wire fence….no small feat. At the far end of the range is a fence 250 yards distant and 20 feet high.

Using an off the shelf persimmon head driver with a standard steel shaft and old driving range balls, I’m clearing that fence….A 270+ yard carry. I would often hit 10 or 15 balls in a row over that fence.

I will tell you HOW I was able to do this in my up coming book…”If you can….COUNT TO THREE!”

It would be interesting to see how far today’s big guns could drive using an old golf club and inferior driving range golf balls, wouldn’t it?.

Jim Mclellan/The Maverick
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5 Responses to Golf: How to Hit the Long Drive

  1. When will your book be released? I am anxious to read it. Could give us any intro (title of chapters,…)?

    I think you have had the right idea about publishing a book: a book is forever. We usually say that every person should do three things in life: have a child, plant a tree, and write a book.

  2. I too, find it exciting to get my book in your hands. As the book enters its final stages it becomes more and more of an obligation for me to do everything I can to write the most beneficial book on golf…ever. The book will be very different from all those written in the past.
    Not only will it offer a viewpoint based on the observation of 10s of 1,000s of golf swings, but it will also contain a look at the mental process of very fine golfers, some philosophy, humor, entertainment, inspirational value, much more….

  3. That is a great picture and it is fortunate that someone snapped it at just the right moment. It’s funny how when the club is in “that” position, even as an observer, you just know the ball is going to go flying off into the blue yonder.

    How is the book coming along, sir?

  4. Greetings Steven! The book is coming along just fine, thank you!
    I continue to learn from my students. My goal is to close the gap between what the student thinks his swing is doing and what is actually taking place.


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