Golf Instruction Illusion

Wouldn’t you think that the best golf instruction would be found at a reputable looking golf facility? The more reputable the better? A place with iron gates, bikini waxed greens, emerald green fairways, bunker sand courtesy of a tropical island paradise, an all glass and stone club house built by the great grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright with a view of the links, and a golf instruction staff with straight whitened teeth, coiffured dos, golden tans, canary yellow palm beech slacks, hot pink Nike shirts, panama straw hats, and reptile shoes, and private parking for their Red Corvette, Red Lamborghini, Red Ferrari, and Red Stutz Bearcat. . . this place bubbling over with class, a sanctuary where the best golf instruction lives, a place that will make an incredible difference in your golf game?
Remember the driving range you stopped at on the way over to the “CLUB?” The rubber mats in a state of disrepair, the range with bare spots and yellowed grass, the old “caged” army jeep pulling a contraption that picked up balls, and the tattered flags patrons were encouraged to aim at. AND, The golf pro, you’re kidding, with the beer gut, worn out old out-dated slacks, and perspiration stained JC Penney’s shirt. He had just finished a lesson and was on the way to his car to “brown bag it” with yesterdays lunch, lovingly packed by his wife. A tuna fish sand & coffee from his plaid vintage thermos would have to do, he’s busy! This yellow toothed gent was booked solid and didn’t have time to dine in the men’s grill at the club. His appearance was a far cry from the pretty boys at the club above but ….”Boy could he teach.”
One facility deals in glitz marketing and the other deals in golf lessons. One facility reeks of snob appeal, the other with bare bones, back to basics reality. One facility gives the member some faux status, status and the other one you would never mention to your closest friend. Pick one!
Jim McLellan/The Maverick

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