Golf Student or GolfER?

My formative years, from age 8 to 22, were spent in Englewood, Colorado, at our family owned golf course and driving range observing golfers with a wide range of ability & skill.

I will cover the very interesting details in my up coming book, If You Can Count To Three.” But, for now, here is a thumb nail sketch.

There are two types of golfers. Those that spend their entire “golfing life” never focused on Playing Golf but on the “study” of golf. They have a library full of golf books and videos, and magazines. They have taken enough golf lessons to pay off the mortgage. They are interested in every minute detail sold to them by the golf industry. They are a pathetic lot who can’t break an egg with their swing. The emails I get from this group are, thank God, rare. But these poor souls are lost in a sea of nonsense. Most every detail they are studying, at best, is unimportant, but nearly always impossible for the human being to actually do.

Then there is the group who refuses to cave in to all this commercial garbage doled out by the con-artists, who finds a style they like, studies it, very briefly….Key words, very briefly, and then practices and moves the information to the auto-pilot part of the brain. Instead of taking a golf lesson they video tape themselves and become their very best own golf instructor. They have the “Those who study-Group One” awestruck by their “golf given talent.” These are my star students. But, ya know what? We humans are wired one way or the other. And just like politics or religion…once someone believes a certain way, even holding a cocked gun to their temple won’t change a thing about the way they think.

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro AKA “Two Gun Harry from Tucumcari”

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  1. Jim, I use a mirror to check the three keys. I have steered away from video taping because I know myself, and know that paralysis by analysis would creep in

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