Golf Swing Fast

If I would have turned the phrase around & put Fast, first and written Fast Golf Swing it would have made perfect sense to you…you have seen it ten billion times and counting.
Fast, as an adverb, means something done quickly, in a short period of time. “When the boys are chasing her, she can run real FAST.” Fast, as a noun means to avoid. “He was on a Fast prior to his lab blood workup.” The title to this post is, indeed, correct… A Golf Swing Fast.
Make it a common practice to include a considerable amount of time practicing without conscious thought intervention. You will discover that the problem with your golf swing, all along, has been__THINKING!
You have had the mistaken belief that in order to swing a golf club you had to think about it. Therein lies the problem. You can’t think and hit (effectively) at the same time.

Jim McLellan/The Maverick

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