Golf Swing Myth

The golf swing does NOT start at the ball. The wind-up starts at the ball. All the energy that goes into the “backswing” is completely wasted. The swing stops momentarily before it returns to the ball. Anytime there is a back and forth direction change, there is a complete stop.The back swing is the “cocking of the gun”…Not the firing of the gun!Looking for more distance and control? Think of the Swing as 2 separate parts. ONE…The effortless wind-up. & TWO the forward swing to a beautiful finish…NOT to the ball. The ball simply “gets in the way” of the golf swing. You do NOT 1) swing, 2) HIT, and 3) swing. You swing~ You want to be a Swinger not a Hitter. Hitters are Sluggers.

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro

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  1. Man, my mother swings the club, my dad hits. It’s an interesting dichotomy to watch but it’s the only reminder I need when I play with them. Lol.

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