Golfer’s Dream!

Catch yourself wondering just how good you could get in an ideal golf learning situation? What’s ideal? How ’bout___The “rumored to be” best golf couches in the world, the finest facilities available for practice, fully accessible 18 hole championship golf course or two or 10, massage therapists on 24 hour call, spas to soak, resistance training, yoga, sport psychologists, hypnotists, witch doctors, herbal medicines, food nutritionists, tribal medicine men, no financial concerns, surrounded by loved ones.
Would such a setting be of value in reaching your own up close and personal golfing glory? Has the billion-aire golfer who visits these posh, plush opulent resorts one tenth of a stroke better, one inch longer off the tee, one bit smoother and more powerful with their golf swing—once they climb aboard their gold plated and engraved, diamond studded Lear Jet for the return flight to their 70,000 square foot Mansion in Hollywood, Utopia.?
There is one missing element in this “spread” needed to reach golfing lofty goals. And that illusive element is the only one that really counts. Without the key to the lock that opens the treasure chest, one is forever stuck dragging the worthless, powerless, inconsistent, golf swing around the 5 mile walk til doomsday. For without this priceless gem, this rare gleaming jewel, this heart beat and pulse of the golfer…There is nothing, zip, zero. Money can’t buy it! You got it or you don’t!
Lets pick two golfers and have a golf match, a contest, a test to see which one is the better golfer. To define…two golfers of equal athletic skills and physical prowess, experience, level of play, background, environment, IQ, ability…etc. One golfer has all of the idea opportunities above. The other golfer has none of the above. None of the above except the one factor still lurking in the shadows. The one factor that separates the duck from the quack, the milk from the cream, the diamond from the chunk of dirty black coal.
The best golf instruction is indeed available. We have boxes stacked several feet high right here in our mini warehouse…Yes Sir, right over there next to our sleeping “rag doll” cat, Fiddle. The scoop of “how to”. That cheering you hear in the distance is shouts of praise from golfer globe wide on what our instruction has done for the joy of their golf game. But stop it, AP…Not what this post is about…& besides we’ve all heard it before, yawn.
I’ll crawl out on a limb and pick some unlikely ordinary “man on the street” Heck, I’ll go one step further & pick a farmer (say from California?) with a red tractor, 3 kids and a wife. A regular guy who decides to trade in his lame #1 golf swing for a #9 or #10. He wants (badly) …That rare golf swing that other golfers wish they owned, dream about and R green with envy. You take the zillion-aire with his sprayed on tan, new $50,000 hair implant, and swanky digs, and I’ll take the farmer with overalls and a straw hat, & rows to plow.
I’ve got the farmer. He has already made a commitment to trade in his worthless swing for that rare swing that fewer than 1% of golfers ever have the proud distinction of owning. The filthy rich guy doesn’t have what it takes to have the swing the farmer has. The farmer is building a swing that will put him in an elite class of golfers with the smooth powerful freshly buttered slicker than oil on wet glass effortless swing that rich guys can’t buy!
The difference is passion___ and the farmer has it in spades.
So rich guy, hang on to your wallet…we’re commin to get it. The “rest of the story” coming SOON to your local neighborhood Bijou….
The concession stand is closed so bring your own Big Hunks, Three Musketeers, Bit-O-Honeys, Boston Baked Beans, Candy Cigarettes, Clark Bars, Heath Bars, Jaw Breakers, Jolly Rancher Stixs, Junior Mints, Milk Duds, Necco Wafers, Oh Henry! Bars, Red Hots, Sugar Babies and Wax Lips.

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