Golfers Education

The golfer’s education, OR, what he thinks he knows about the golf swing, gets in the way of his knowing anything about the golf swing. Huh?

By far, the biggest problem golfers have is that they know way too much about what is NOT important in the golf swing. Their EDUCATION is in the way. The engineer, who’s background is to analyze EVERYTHING, has the most problems with golf, closely followed by anyone in the “detail business”. . . perhaps your friendly attorney.. “The best golf swing comes from the dull unimaginative mind.”

To continue . . . MOST (most means over 50%-could mean 95%) golfers think that they need more information added to their cluttered minds in order to improve. That’s as ridiculous as buying more stuff__ that you never use___ that has to be stored in the garage___ that is so full___ that one has to park the car in the driveway. If my English teacher doesn’t like
that long sentence…tough!

Think about this. The golf swing only takes two seconds . . . how much can you think about in two seconds?

Hey, hold the phone, what’s that sound? That sound, good buddy, is the Golf Industry’s Locomotive roaring down the tracks at 90 miles per with box cars full of more information for sale. In order for them to run a “money grabbin” railroad, they must convince you that you need to buy more stuff cleverly disguised as vital information… Which, in reality, is misinformation to further screw you up so you’ll be dependant on them for more information creating the need to buy even more information to fix the problem that got you in this mess in the first place, Whew !

Government involvement?___ sound familiar?

Best advice is to start at square one. Go out in the backyard and have a nice full back swing with the head staying in the same place. Then swing to a nice full finish. Swing pretty, swing smooth. Done. Now do this without thinking about anything but a waltz playing in your head.

You now have plenty of room to park your car in the garage and the sense of freedom is more fun than pony rides, cotton candy and sunshine.

Jim McLellan

aka/The AntiPro/The Maverick
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