Golfers, Kid in the Candy Store

There are more pages on the Dub, Dub, Dub…than there are people in the World, 550 Billion and growing exponentially every split second.

How does The Informaton Age effect the golfer? 10s of 1,000s of golf merchants are getting “on line” at an alarming rate. Each day, more golf peddlers get on the highway and are causing massive traffic jams in golfer’s skulls.
“Add 30 yards to your drives.” ” Lower your score by 10 strokes in a week.” “Putt like a Pro.” “Hit your irons like a Tiger.” “Add 3 inches to your ‘Putter’.” “Grow hair on your golf bag.” “Loose 20 pounds and 20 balls in an afternoon round of golf.”

The golf surfer has one foot on a banana peel and the other one in the nut house. The GLUT is systemic, infiltrating his cerebellum, causing confusion, frustration, performance anxiety, bankruptcy, acne, neuritis and neuralgia, tendinitis, blurred vision, stiff back and neck, divorce, strokes and heart attacks, hearing loss, insomnia…. More Importantly….short drives, terrible iron play, high scores, embarrassment, and cartoon like goofy golf!

The degree of ineptness the golfer is experiencing today is directly proportional to the amount of information OVERLOAD he is exposed to…… Surf on!

Jim McLellan/The Maverick

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