Golfers! Your participation, please!


Your comments are needed! My blogs are only one dimensional.

I get emails and phone calls telling me how much my blogs are being enjoyed, but…I need comments to the blog pages to make it multi-dimensional …to make it sing. I don’t need to be a one man band when there is a full orchestra out there with great ideas, personal stories, comments to share.

So, consider this an invitation to become involved more than simply as a reader. We have readers worldwide who would like to hear from you who are very much like you.

If you have time for only a sentence or two, at least send it. If you have the time for several paragraphs, I will post your comments, thoughts, perspectives, and viewpoints.

Something you would like for me to write about? Let me know!


Jim McLellan “The Maverick Anti-Pro”

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3 Responses to Golfers! Your participation, please!

  1. Jim – After practicing in my basement for most of the winter. I was able to post back to back 81s to start the season. I look forward to breaking 80 soon. Golf is a lot of fun when you are playing well and your videos helped me get there. Thanks!

  2. Phil! Thanks for taking the time to send your very interesting comment. Your letter will inspire golfers world wide. Keep us posted on your progress!


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