Golf’s Power Muscles

How OLD’s this arm? 48__68__58__28__38?

The Power connection in the golf swing is Hands to Club. The hands and forearms supply the majority of the strength necessary for distance and accuracy.

Ben Hogan weighed less than 150#s, yet he had the hands and forearms of a 220# blacksmith. Ted Williams said, “Shaking hands with Hogan is like shaking hands with 5 bands of steel.” Sam Snead had massive forearms and the hand strength of a Gladiator. Gary Player …little guy.. spends a LOT of time working on grip strength. Have you seen Tiger’s forearms lately?

You don’t need to be a member at some High Falootin’ Health Spa to develop superhuman gripping power. In my up coming book “If You Can Count to Three,” I will share with you how I developed the forearms you see in this picture!

The chartreuse colored grippers at the Estee Lauder counter are for Pansy’s.
If Popeye’s your hero, make a BIG difference in your own forearms and gripping power (& Your Golf)____go to and order the 100# and 150# grippers.. You won’t need to ask your wife to open the pickle jar, anymore!

Jim McLellan

The AntiPro aka/The Maverick

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