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The female golfer has two distinctly different parts of the brain. Neither can perform the function that the other specific part of the brain is designed to do. These parts are called the cerebrum, for thinking, located in the front part of the brain and the cerebellum, for motor skills, located in the back part of the brain.

The male golfer has three distinctly different parts of the brain & shares the same two functions as the female brain mentioned above plus one more. In addition the male golfer has another brain part located in his pants. On and off the golf course the male golfer spends a large majority of his time thinking with this part of his anatomy. In many cases he would be better off thinking with ‘IT” rather than the cerebrum as we are about to witness.

When we learn a new task we use the cerebrum. Study this or that by thinking and learn. If we are learning a motor skill the cerebrum communicates with the cerebellum and begins telling it what to do. ASAP the cerebrum is cut loose as the cerebellum takes over the job of performing a motor skill__ driving a stick shift, eating an ice cream cone without jabbing oneself in the eye, and something glorious called the golf swing. Assuming you have the stick shift and ice cream eating down pat lets move on.

The golf swing is given birth as follows. The cerebrum picks up the information as to what to do with the back swing and informs the cerebellum that it has a job to do. The cerebellum lays down a network of pathways for the neurons to ride on. The cerebellum then informs the cerebrum that it fully understands what to do and for it to go away, leave it alone & wait for its next thinking assignment. Some time later, the cerebrum explains to the cerebellum that the golfers head needs to remain still. The cerebellum takes over and gets rid of the useless cerebrum. And so it goes on to the follow-through and the golfer proudly owns a swing with NO thinking involved. Ideally, the part of the brain that runs motor skills is in complete charge……In a perfect world.

Here’s the problem. Some fellers are wired with a history of using the cerebrum to learn stuff. . But, and that’s a big BUT, they do NOT fully understand that one part of the brain can NOT perform the functions of the other part of the brain. Their history is to throw more and more information at a task to better understand and perform that task. If he’s an engineer he matriculates (and tries not to get caught) at the local University learning how to build skyscrapers & suspension bridges__so they don’t fall down. If he’s a doctor he spends years in school learning what not to cut while performing brain surgery so his patient doesn’t end up with the IQ of a tomato. If he’s a stock broker he studies all he can about trends, stocks and bonds, and the mysterious super structure of investing so his customer doesn’t end up living with the homeless.

Golfers might think that the problem with their game lies in not having enough information. They have a problem so they dig for more and more advice, information, tips, etc. This causes major conflicts between the thinking part and the motor skill part of the brain & makes the Hatfield and McCoy Feud look like love birds. Both parts of the brain can NOT be involved in the golf swing__ AT THE SAME TIME__when it functions at its peak level of efficiency. As a matter of fact, the golf swing is only working correctly when only the cerebellum is involved, exclusively.

I’ve witnessed top dancers look like beginners and become befuddled once a new move is introduced into their routine. . Because the cerebrum is becoming involved. The cerebrums job in any motor skill has to be__ short lived. Any more time spent “on board” once the cerebellum ‘”gets the picture” causes earthquakes inside the skull that registers a number 10 on the Richter scale.

There are zillions of golfers with libraries that take up one wall of their massive dens from floor to ceiling. They incorrectly assume that the golf swing requires tons of study and regrettably apply the same procedure to non-motor skill endeavors…real-estate, computers, geology, fixing hearts, building space ships. They make lousy golfers IF they continue to use the same part of the brain that make them smart & rich__in the first place. It doesn’t work for golf…never has, never will. It’s really quite simple.

May I draw your attention to that round thing you’ve been secretly working on in your basement?__The one that will revolutionize the world and make you very wealthy! I’ve got some bad news. The wheel has already been invented. You don’t need to re-invent the golf swing, either…. I beat you to it!

Now you know what drives the golf swing and what doesn’t. Take this article seriously and use the correct part of your brain if you’re truly serious about finding your very own glorious golf swing. Unless, of course, you enjoy sticking yourself in the eye with an old rusty fork, smashing your thumb with a hammer, driving your Harley into a brick wall at 150 miles per or doing a swan drive into a pile of jagged rocks.

Jim McLellan,

The Anti-Pro/The Maverick/Your Best Friend!

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