Head Turner

A full back swing with a still head is the hallmark, the corner stone, the under pinning for a great, rare and sought after, super duper golf swing.

In order to keep the head from being pushed up by the left shoulder at the top of the back swing__, here’s a tip worth it’s weight in platinum.

At the address, turn the chin a few degrees to the right. You will be looking at the BACK of the ball with, predominately, your left eye. NOW, when you swing to that nice slow and full back swing you will have room for your shoulder to tuck_ very nicely_ under you head.

This wonderful tip will encourage you to swing back farther promoting more time to gradually increase your club head speed by the time you reach the launch pad (impact).
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Jim McLellan

The Anti-Pro/Maverick

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10 Responses to Head Turner

  1. Jack Nickaulus did that all the time, do you think it was effective?

    By the way he first tecacher Jack Grout use to hold his hair with his fist while he hit balls into a net so he wouldn’t lift his head or dip down-ouch!!!


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