How the Golf Swing Really Works

How habits are formed in the brain is fascinating. Understanding how the brain works can open new doors for the golfer in search of his best golf swing.

Most golfers (95%) never experience the pleasure of finding their very own best golf. However, a small minority, 5% or so do! Success or failure depends on what part of the brain the golfer is using.

We can watch a concert pianist’s hands on the keyboard or be captivated by the superhuman moves of an Olympic ice skater. We are witness to what’s going on in the brain. Muscles DON’T have memory! MOVEMENT comes from the brain!

When the golfer repeats his swing__OFTEN__ the action is controlled by an unconscious part of the brain called the BASAL GANGLIA…..allowing him to operate on auto-pilotthe good shots.

When we do something new the PREFRONTAL CORTEX, an area of the brain that involves decision making, is in control. Golfers who continue to bombard the prefrontal cortex with new information (usually ineffective) ___ never send the “right stuff” to the Basal Ganglia, where great swings live!

Practicing the golf swing over and over, becomes a habit that LITERALLY moves the control of the action from the Prefrontal Cortex to the Basal Ganglia. Understanding the key factors of how a golf swing really works and Quickly moving those key factors from the Prefrontal Cortex to the Basal Ganglia >>>>moves the golfer into “Auto-Pilot” and from the ordinary class golfer to the exceptional golfer.

Jim McLellan
The Anti-Pro
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