Amaze & impress your friends by adding this wonderful word to your vocabulary.

Impedimenta…..Objects that impede or encumber progress.

Time for some Spring Cleaning…doncha think?

Plowing through the closet and taking outdated clothes to the Goodwill, clearing out the garage so we can actually park our car under roof, getting rid of junk we haven’t used in a decade___feels sooooooo good!

As a bonus of having more physical room, our brains are less cluttered__less confused___less frustrated &___ Yes….cleaner!

My wife and I may be at the same stage with our dance that you are with your golf. As you may have noticed__ in your search for golf tips, there is a glut of information or misinformation on the Internet.

In our lust to become good at our dance, we have fallen for the promise that we too can become fantastic dancers if we inundate ourselves with more and more information.

Hit by a bolt of lightening…we looked at each other and said ***You know what?….we are making the same mistake golfers make.*** Bombarded with tip after tip on how to perform our dance…we were becoming more confused, more frustrated, & more unable to fully understand and enjoy our dance.

We sat down and came up with a plan. What ONE, and ONLY ONE instruction makes the most sense? What One instructor are we going to follow? Who do we really__ really want to look like when we dance? We carefully separated their material from all the rest, packed all the nonsense in a plastic container, & placed it in storage…far far away from our grasp. Canceled all our workshops and private lessons. In one day, our dance makes more sense, is easier, we look better, & we are enjoying our dance immensely… that all the impedimenta has been eliminated. Try it! You’ll love the feeling of *cleanness*___&___the results that come with it!!!

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  1. Impedimenta, eh?

    Funny how that works. While getting my swing out of winter hibernation, I began to develop issues on my downswing. It happened while looking for a trigger in my pivot (before you start screaming, I have had issues with my lower back and was trying to ensure that I was starting without having my back screw up my swing).

    Anyway, it didnt work. So I went back to your video (one of these times I will learn to view the DVD as the FIRST THING to do before starting a new season) and got back to basics. Some sessions with the SwingRite and guess what? I am back on track.

    Impedimenta, indeed.

    BTW Jim, nice to see a picture of you without glasses. Might be time for a new shirt, though. 🙂

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