It Doesn’t Fit!

It doesn’t Fit!

A gaggle of prominate furniture design, marketing experts, informed Mr Herman Miller’s design team that the prototype chair they were about to introduce to the public was ugly, a looser, and would never fly.

The chair did NOT fit the experts history of what a chair should look like so they rejected it. The smug, know-it-alls had a myopic way of viewing this novel sitery based on their past experience, (isn’t all experience in the past?) so they took the standard route of throwing anything they didn’t understand under the bus. Did furniture design expert Herman Miller listen to the experts? The fat lady sang and here’s the scoop.

Aeron Chair named one of “Designs Greatest Hits” in Your Company magazine

“Designs of the Decade,” Gold Winner in “Office Furniture” from the Industrial Designers Society of America & Business Week magazine for Aeron chair

International Plastics Consumer Product Design Award, from the Society of Plastics Engineers for Aeron chair

The Aeron work stool won the 2006 Attendees’ Choice Award from the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition


Focus center stage on the The golf X=Perts..Enter the PGA, prestigious (latin word for exorbitant) golf school, golf magazines, books, and videos licking their lips and drooling all over their vintage alligator shirts at the prospect & opportunity to continue the sham that the more information they can hurl at the wide eyed wanna be golfer the more loot they can stuff. If they told the truth they would starve to death OR as we used to say in the 50’s…dry up and blow away.

We are creatures of experience and if something new is thrown at us we reject it. Our biggest obstacle here at McLellan Golf is to overcome the predetermined mind set of the golf student that golf is difficult. Why else would those gifted from God be making millions of dollar per year if our game was NOT out of the reach of mere mortals? Why else would only a very small percentage of golfers be able to break 90 if golf didn’t require super human skills?

The acid test is simple. Can a beginner be taught a swing better than 95% of golfers in 15 minutes? The answer is Yes and I have proven it 1,000s of times but you know what??// first time reader hears this he will reject it because it smacks in the face of everything he thinks he knows. Isn’t what we know, what we have figured out so simple we feel sorry for those who can’t see “IT” like we do? Think about it reader, You are an expert at “something”…don’t you wonder why everyone can’t do what you can do? So simple, what you can do, isn’t it?

Shucks, playing the piano or the banjo or the mandolin or painting a picture or building a house or having muscles or West Coast Swing dancing or swinging a golf club is so simple I just don’t understand why everyone can’t do it!



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