Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

From 90% to 99.999% of today’s golf instruction is utter nonsense, gibberish, mish-mash, twaddle, bull, poppycock, rot, gobbledygook, hogwash, babble, jabber, bosh, bunk, double talk, & hooey. The result is that you will get worse, take a giant leap backwards, hate golf and quit….eventually!
Not strong enough? How ’bout this. Once the bogus information is in your skull, it’s real difficult to get it out. So it is, indeed, not harmless information. You eat the Twinkie, you wear it!
Most of today’s instruction will not only make your golf game worse but it is virtually impossible for the human machine to perform the absurd “tips” up-chucked by the friendly folks living down the street at the the golf industry house.
We are privy to a new study that scientifically ____Once & For All___proves this point. That information will be presented to our readers in the next few weeks. We will be EXPOSING the golf industry for what it truly is…..Liars, thieves and con-artists!
Case in point. Someone decided to present the top 100 golf instructors in America. Have you read their crap? I don’t want to dignify this group or their sponsors or cut and paste what they have to say____ concerned that some of it will adhere to the already over-loaded motor skill part of your brain….But they offer advice on how a particular maneuver will increase your yardage if you do “This” …Get ready….after the ball is gone!!!! Another states that your problem with distance can be blamed on your ankles. 100 top instructors? my Butt!
Confused and frustrated? You should be! Where do you think your bad habits come from? That was the question…Here is the Answer.__From what you read and watch! Why do they have new <<>> “tips” every day?. because gullible golfers buy them. They are guilty for selling this nonsense….Golfers are guilty for buying it!
One of our star students wrote with an amazing story on how much his golf has improved. Want to copy his secret? It has more to do with what he is NOT doing rather than what he IS doing. He said this, ” I have cancelled my golf magazine subscriptions, given away all my instruction DVD (except yours) don’t watch the Golf Channel, gave my golf books to the goodwill, and tell my golf buddies I’m not interested in their 2 cents”. He plays only twice a week with his son….they both shoot par!
Jim McLellan “The Anti-Pro”

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