Masters Golf

28 years ago, 0n December 16, 1979, Trevor Immelman was born in South Africa. Yesterday, the Masters champ traded his hospital nightie for the coveted Green Jacket. In another 28 years or so__A baby boy, born today, will be trading HIS hospital nightie for another Green Jacket!

Amongst others born at that time, Trevor was one of the most helpless mammals on earth. A very short 28 Spring Times ago in Augusta, Mr. Immelmans fragile survival was totally dependent on his adoring parents. Today THAT helpless baby became an instant millionaire several times over and has people scratching their heads and asking…”What’s an Immelman?”

What about Trevor in another 28 years, age 56? Will he be a healthy and blessed predominant player on the Seniors Tour or will he be largely forgotten and be watching the Masters from the comfort of his Lazy Boy?

&&& What about you in 28 years, age. . . ? Will you be “with us” or perhaps you will have traded in your sticks for Harp lessons. Will you still be relying on Golf lessons to fix your habitual problems? Will you ever find the golf game you are capable of playing? What will you have to change to give your Golf Epitaph a fighting chance?

Jim Mclellan/The Maverick

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2 Responses to Masters Golf

  1. Hi Jim,
    I am really enjoying your blogs. I feel so free when I go to the course and driving range because my mind is not cluttered. I watch the people around me and so many seem catatonic over all the ball. When I watch PGA tournaments on television, I am amused by how commentators dissect the golf swing, as if the player is actually thinking about that during the swing. We are duped into thinking that because these commentators “know it all”, that we must be doing something wrong if we don’t take their advice on the swing.
    I look forward to your blogs everyday.

    David Arbelaez

  2. David!

    Your insightful viewpoints are always welcome. Wish more golfers
    would understand that the golf swing is as simple or as complex as they care to make it. Personally, I find that simple is the most effective! Thanks for being a very important part of our blogs!!

    Stay in touch!

    Jim McLellan

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