McLellan’s Organic Golf

McLellan’s Organic Golf… is produced according to our high production standards. This means that our information produces the best results in all of Golfdom because it is created without the use of conventional pesticides (The PGA), artificial fertilizers (Golf Instructors), human waste (The Golf Channel), ionizing radiation (Golf Magazine tips), food additives (Your golfing buddies unasked for advice).

This means that it comes to you without the routine use of antibiotics (Golf Books), the use of growth hormones (Useless Golf gadgets)…and it is NOT genetically modified. No ingredient (see above) is used to keep the golfer coming back for more and more absurd/insane information.

Directly from the McLellan’s Organic Golf “Garden” to your dining room table. It’s what’s for Dinner…It’s what’s good for you. Yummy___Enjoy!

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro/The Maverick

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2 Responses to McLellan’s Organic Golf

  1. That is funny 🙂 Every once a while some doody make it to my ears like arms shouldn’t be ahead of shoulders during swing else it will cause push etc.

    Then I have to remind my self, where was I when I was listening to all that crap?

  2. The golfer should take what might get into his golf swing with all the seriousness of a possible “Lethal Injection”!

    Don’t even think about adding more to the golf swing. Instead, see
    what VERY little information provides the best results.

    Write anytime!

    Jim “The Maverick” McLellan

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