Micro-Managing The Golf Swing!

The foundation of the great golf swing vs. the lousy golf swing is all a matter of perspective. The owner of the fine golf swing thinks entirely differently than the poor soul stuck with the problem swing. Yet, the market place is over loaded with tips on micro-managing the golf swing. The problem with that is it doesn’t work. If you have any interest in discovering the simplicity of being the landlord of a super swing, a consistent swing, and a powerful swing that requires little maintenance…..read on.

The golf swing travels faster than we humans can think. Focusing on the super structure of the golf swing and ignoring the points in between is the first step in discovering just how truly simple the effective golf swing behaves. Lets agree that we swing to a back swing position. From there we swing to the finish position. All the stuff in between these points is a blur and happens best “without us”. We are in a coma, our fabulous golf swing is taking place while we remain an innocent bystander. Trying to effect the golf swing between these points with conscious thought produces a train wreck.
So as we stand at the address position…ready to do battle, there is nothing to think about…except relaxing. We then become aware that we need to cock the gun, wind the spring, set ourselves in a position to begin the process of obliterating our dimpled foe. Fully aware that in order to change from the back swing to the downswing requires a very momentary pause before we change directions….almost invisible. Point is…all
the power in the back swing is a waste of energy. So why not “set” the club in the proper place in the back swing…with no display of effort. Make it look lazy.
From there our focus is “THRU” the ball and on the road to a beautiful finish. That’s it. Best place to practice this new way of looking at the golf swing is everywhere you are when you don’t have a golf club in your hands. First things in the AM when you wake up last thing at night before you head for dreamland. Stuck in traffic, when the boss isn’t looking, anytime you are day dreaming are all great places to engrave a great golf swing in your brain. The brain can NOT tell the difference if you are swinging a golf club or thinking about swinging a golf club. Take advantage of this new view and practice “everywhere” every chance you get. It’s free.

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