One Move Golf Swing

The Secret of the Golf Swing is ONE move!

Yes, there are 3 pictures___your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The far picture to the right is the magic secret position that sets the foundation for the rare/great swing!

Notice the back swing is higher than Sam’s hat which has NOT, NOT, NOT___moved! Because his swing is fluid, free flowing, and seamless this hallmark position encourages a full body and shoulder turn. This ONE move golf swing gives the impression of “effortless power”___ Sam has plenty of time to develop maximum acceleration by the time the club head reaches impact.

If the golfer has the ability to be in this stellar position at the top of the backswing, the chances of the rest of the swing being perfect approach 100%!

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro/The Maverick

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4 Responses to One Move Golf Swing

  1. What comes around goes around… I see the Hot new swing on Tour Stack & whatever, as Bobby Jones all over again. Snead, Hogan, all syrupy smooth, and under clutch conditions, that’s the only way to be. In fact I’ve heard pro’s say that under pressure, they need be sure to finish their backswing completely. When I hear an instructor at the range nearby, I move. Noise pollution!

    Bob T
    Bristol, RI

  2. Bob T. Making sure I finish my backswing has profound effects on my shots. I have a tendency to get in a hurry and start down before I get completely “back there”. When I make sure I have gone to the parallel position or a tad further I can add 30 to 40 yards with less effort!

    Jim McLellan

  3. It only makes sense that a short swing will encourage a jerky move back to the ball. I was watching a roller coaster go over the top recently and thought of your swing. Slows to a crawl, then slooowwly speeds up and hits top speed at the bottom. When you get it right, it feels like your swing has been released from bondage!

  4. Bob T. A picturesque description! When my swing is “feelin fine”__that’s what it feels like.

    Read Bobs words several times and apply them to your swing. You should be an immediate improvement.

    Nice contribution…send more!


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