Oscar Fish

A person should never be so busy that they can’t take a moment to watch the Oscars swim at Wally World. So I did!

Captive in the tank at Wal-Mart were a half dozen Oscars. I was intrigued by how they could swim forward and backward and sideward and obliqueward, and upward and downward, without thinking about it. These beautiful creatures moved in any direction their tiny hearts desired without thinking about . . .”move this fin, now this fin, and then that fin, and finally this fin.” Dern gud thang the PGA dont latch on ’em, Bubba . . . theard be pandemonium & wrecks all over the tank.

It seems these Astronotus ocellatus were listening to a waltz symphony in their tiny fish heads as they moved about in such graceful harmony. Then there’s man, rumored to have brains, that “THINKS” he needs to be taught what “FIN” to move next and when. You can learn a LOT about the golf swing by watching a fish swim or a centipede walk. Take the time to do it!
Jim McLellan
The Anti-Pro/The Maverick

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