Practice Does NOT Make Perfect

The light changes, you let out on the clutch too fast … the old jalopy dies! You become the recipient of irate motorists suggesting your Mother sleeps in pay toilets!
Can you drive a stick shift? Where’s reverse on a floor shift, on a column shift? “What in tarnation does this have to do with golf?” my good buddy asks. I smile and reply, “These two seemingly unrelated topics are both tricky motor skills that need to be performed correctly.” No, this is not some test you must pass to get your drivers license. It is, however, a subject that identifies the motor skills necessary to master both stick shifts and our golf swings!
Meanwhile..It’s a busy intersecting. You are patiently waiting for the light to change. You are stepping on the brake so you don’t get T-boned by a 10 ton 18 wheeler. Finally, the light changes. At that split second, you release the brake…give your gas pedal just the right amount of juice. Using all the skills of a circus juggler, you let out on the clutch. Three things can happen. 1). You kill old Betsy, 2). you squeal out running into the car in front of you. OR.. 3) thanks to your plastic St. Francis on your dash board, you maneuver a slick get-a-way.
If 3, Three, or III. was your lucky number, what had to take place before the blessed event? Your day has been tough enough, so I will answer the question for you. G-Whiz, let’s see….Heck I know…Sure enough….it’s PRACTICE!!!
Funny thing Practice. Yes Sir, the part of the brain that etches habit into your motor skills can NOT differentiate between bad habits like smoking Lucky Strikes, OR good habits like the ability to smack a 310 yard drive with a slight draw, around the big tree and in clear view of the Washington Bent carpet with the flag merrily waving in the breeze___ at you.
Sorry, here’s some bad news. Fewer than one in ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVENTY TWO golf pros know how to effectively teach the golf swing. This means that _YOU, YES YOU, will be practicing BAD habits. Quitting smoking or heroin or watching pretty girls at the beach is much easier to cease and desist than fixing a bad golf swing your friendly golf pro has ruined for you, for the rest of your frustrating life!
So chum, practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect. PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT!!! BBBeeeee very careful WHO you take golf lesson from and WHAT you practice! CUZ.. your habits may still be haunting you, when they close the lid!

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