Look familiar? How about ASDFGHJKL;? Shoot a glance at ZXCVBNM. Step into into the wonderful world of the personal printing press, A/K/A, the typewriter, & finally today’s modern key….board.
Who would draw a correlation between the keyboard and a better understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing? Today’s Top Scientific Minds would argue that a genius touch would be the catalyst necessary to effect this dynamic relationship.

What can the keyboard teach us about our golf swing? PLENTY!

For the first time since 1868 & the invention of the typewriter, by Christopher Scholes, a dramatic epiphany in time and space links Chris’s machine with a golf swing. The marriage between these seemingly unrelated items becomes a BOON” to our golf game, totally overlooked a century and some change later.

Somewhere in your past you learned to type. Perhaps in a classroom in school. You may have sat down, along with other boys and girls, in front of a typewriter with no numbers or letters on the keys. This very important fact would help you take the shortcut in learning how to BEST use this interesting machine. Years later, hereafter referred to as NOW, you will discover how this typing approach can do far more for your golf game than most conventional forms of golf instruction.
Typing instruction eliminated the necessity of using our eyes in learning how to type. Our typing book informed us that mysteriously hidden under our fingers were letters & numbers. Under the pinkie of our left hand was hiding the A, next to it and waiting patiently to be “struck” was the S, conveniently located under our ring finger. ……Time marches on and at the end of the semester we have mastered the entire keyboard. We can type!

Here’s the good part! What if, at the beginning of every class, we were presented with a new keyboard configuration? Some “Opportunist, ” Sniffing… huge profits… & sensing our….. gullible….ness ,” had moved all the numbers & letters somewhere else on the keyboard…. convincing us ….. that it was “a better idea!”

Are you doing the same thing to your golf swing? Is re-wiring your brain with magazine tips, lessons from this and that golf instructor, books, videos, & any advice really a “better idea?” OR….. Is this approach preventing YOU from finding “Your Best Keyboard Lay-Out” YES….”Your Best Swing.”
Reach out and type something. Do you consciously know what rests under your finger tips or do you somehow think of a letter or number and your “fingers” know exactly what to do? Your brain doesn’t have to process the information through the eyes & into the thinking part of our brain…in other words “The Long Route”….does it? Your best golf swing takes place when you are NOT thinking. Doesn’t it?

Typing works & it works incredibly well because the “Typing Industry,” unlike the “Golf Industry,” left us the hell alone!

Inspired by Elaine McLellan

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  1. In addition, the reason a keyboard is set up like it is, QWERTY–as it were, is to SLOW us down. The old typewriters got all jammed up when people typed toooooooooo fast. Same with a golf swing.
    Mary Lu Duffy

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