As per usual, my wife’s voice was soft, melodic, pleasant, articulate, and RESPECTFUL! There was an unmistakable quality of attentiveness in a conversation she was having with someone in an adjoining room. I hadn’t heard anyone come into to our home, so who was she speaking “with”?__NOT to! From the tone of her voice, it was someone, somewhere in her age group. Curiosity drove me to go find out.
she was sitting on the floor and discussing something with our 2 year old Grandson, Sean. There was no indication that she was talking “down” to a child.

I had been raised to believe that children should be seen and not heard. That the parent was the parent and the child was the child and that, “they” were not created equal. At school the teacher was at the front of the class addressing his “dumb” students. You could hear it in their voices. The employer talks down to the employee, although perhaps subtly___ it is there. The golf instructor talks down to the student. It is not a level playing field.

People ask what makes my golf instruction different. There are many factors but right at the top of the list is Respect. I Respect your ability, your mind, your desire to become a better golfer, the machinery that God gave you, and that you WILL become a very fine golfer. I KNOW you can do it! I Respect the fact that you can do countless things better than me. I know that you could teach me a LOT. I’m grateful that you think enough of my expertise to trade your money for my help. We are on a level playing field. We are friends sharing information of the greatest game on earth. I know 100% that you can become a very good golfer. You have 100% of my RESPECTTHAT is one of the reasons why I’m very different than the rest.

Jim McLellan, “The Maverick Golf Pro”

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