Ron’s Gone Fishin’

Hi Jim,

Golf has always been an enjoyable but frustrating experience with the one shot always bringing me back the next time to see if I had figured it out. After years of insanity, I gave up.

I have always loved flyfishing so it became my passion. I played golf only in corporate events or with a family member on vacation.

Fast forward to last year. We are playing a corporate scramble for a charity sponsored by my comapany. I had my token good shot and felt that I had contributed to my team, but this nagging thought of what could be if I got serious and practised continued ringing in my head.

To the computer I go. Got to find a golf lesson on the internet.

If I continue to do what I have done, I will get what I have always had. (bad slice). I wanted the perfect swing. So I typed in “perfect swing”, and there is a picture of this guy’s swing….and it was perfect. No, really perfect. I was mezmorized. I kept playing it over and over. I thought ” If I had that swing, I wouldn’t be the one shot wonder anymore.” Then I read the testimonals. If I continue to do what I have always done, I will get what I’ve always had. So…I ordered your video and the McSwinger. This is the only money I ever spent on instruction. If this doesn’t work I’m going fishing.

Got the video in the mail with the McSwinger. Followed the instructions. I did not strike a golf ball for 3 weeks. My swing improved and so did my concept of the game. I realized that in order to be successful on the course, I had to master the swing so my mind was not involved in the actual striking of the ball.

Years of baseball and softball had trained me to hit the ball, not swing the bat. I had to change my approach. If I continued to do what I have always done, I get what I have always had. So I made a committment to myself that not a day would go by that I didn’t swing a club. I wanted my swing on auto-pilot so I could concentrate on the game and not the swing.

It has now been 5 months. Some of the results have been remarkable. But None of the results have been the SAME!

I played a local course. Hole #11…430 par 4…. Dogleg left, downhill to the green. Drive landed about 280 and rolled to 385. I am now offically hooked on this game! My longest drive prior to my practise was 230 or 240. I have played this course 6 times since then and have hadseveral drives over 300. (with witnesses). I am going to break 80 this summer. My range game has gone from shanks to 60 out of 80 9 irons within a 20 foot circle of the target. 39 straight 5 woods in a row. My clubs are now 20 yrds on average longer that 5 months ago.

My shots are not perfect, but my swing is. I guess the most important thing that your system, of tools and video, has done for me is restore the passion and enjoyment of the game.

My sincere thanks.
Ron Wallace
Cumming GA

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